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Hi, I'm Jane Liddelow. I am a certified, professional Image Consultant. I was trained and certified by the internationally acclaimed Australian Image Company. I am also an active member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

It is my privilege and passion to help women just like you, find their best look and improve their confidence.

Some people are born with style the rest of us have to learn it. The good news is that anyone can learn it.

Style confidence comes from knowing how to dress to flatter your body shape and colouring, understanding your style personality, having a wardrobe to fit your lifestyle and having an idea of what styles are contemporary.

When you order your personalized version of the Your Personal Style Solutions you have taken an important step in gaining style confidence.

Please remember to be objective when you complete the questionnaire. I find that we are often over critical of our own body shape. If you would like an objective assessment please use my online body shape analysis service - click here for details. Remember, the more accurate your assessment of your body proportions, the more accurate your personal recommendations will be!

I hope you'll come back and visit my website often for new style articles and resources. And do sign up for my free newsletter to receive monthly style updates.

Enjoy Your Personal Style Solutions! And feel free to share your style experiences.

All the best

Telephone: 0403747199
City/Town: Avalon Beach
Country: Australia
Jane Liddelow USD - Style Makeover HQ

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